Inventory Management solution for Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Medical Equipment Businesses

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is crucial to manage inventory well. By enhancing inventory management, pharmacy can reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, and minimize overstocking, opportunity loss or human errors.

Using pharmaceutical inventory software to manage inventory management ensures that medications are readily available when needed, helping to maintain a seamless workflow and ensuring patient safety. It also aids in tracking expiration dates, preventing the dispensing of expired medications, and reducing waste.

EMERGE App , a cloud-based pharmaceutical inventory software, offers a comprehensive suite of modules for ordering, purchasing, and tracking. Packed with a range of features, shortcuts, and smart solutions, it caters to businesses of all sizes, whether they are independent shops or integral parts of medical facilities. Don’t just take our word for it—continue reading to discover why.

Features of our medical equipment inventory management software

We understand how hard it can be to handle big inventories and deal with products that might expire soon, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why we created smart features in our pharmaceutical inventory software to help you manage medicines, medical supplies, and biotech products more easily.

Customer-specific price lists

You can classify customers by purchase frequency and purchase behaviors to see who is the loyal customer, who is the discount customer. Our pharmaceutical inventory software provides you with reports to identify them.

EMERGE will show you a list of different customer segments. By then you can treat them with a tiered price list for specific customers. Buy more, save more.

You can also set seasonal prices for products as much as you want.

The FIFO method is certainly applicable in pharmaceutical inventory software as well. Because this is a specific industry that requires precision in each product sold to customers, because it affects human health.

Expiry and batch management

EMERGE App lets you create as many batches as you need, along with their expiry dates, for all of your drug, medicine and pharmaceutical products.

Then you can manufacture, receive and ship out products according to their production batches.

And you can track them in the unfortunate event of a product recall or contamination.

Simple manufacturing

Perhaps you might be doing some simple manufacturing to produce drug and medicine products? Or using simple assembly to put together medical, dental and biomedical equipment.

Our pharmaceutical inventory software lets you manage your raw materials in the same way as your finished goods.

Tag raw materials and their quantities to the production of finished goods. And automatically calculate the landed costs per unit of raw materials.

Then select the production batch number for the finished goods before they’re stored in selected warehouses.

B2B e-commerce platform

We saved the best for last.

How about using a B2B e-commerce platform to sell your products 24/7?

We call it EMERGE Cart and it comes bundled free with every account.

Create a custom product catalog for regular customers. They browse the catalog with a familiar shopping cart and add items to their orders.

When customers check out, their order is automatically added to EMERGE App as a sales order, saving time and eliminating order taking mistakes.

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